The Cold Loving Plant

If you are living in a cold area and you love gardening, then you have to consider of growing the cold loving plant to in order to make a lovely garden. Finding the cold loving plant will be so easy for you who live in a cold area, since you just need to go to the garden center. Then, here we are going to mention several examples of the cold loving plant which you can grow both in your garden and in your patio.

1. Redtwig Dogwood
One of the examples of the cold loving plants that you can choose is the redtwig dogwood. This redtwig dogwood belongs to the deciduous plant which has the bright red stems in the winter. This plant will successfully crave your guess attention every winter due to its eye catching color. In addition, this plant needs to be watered regularly.

cold loving plant

cold loving plant4

2. Goldthread Cypress
The next example of the cold loving plant which can be grown both in your garden and your porch is the goldthread cypress. People love this plant because of its golden-green color which looks so stunning. If you want to have this plant, please make sure that it gets the full or the partial sun because it will grow leggy in a shade area.

cold loving plant1

3. Hens and Chicks
Then, we have the succulent for the example of the cold loving plant which is hens and chicks. This beautiful plant can grow both in cold or drought area. The hens and chicks will only need little water and little soil, so it is easy to be taken care. You may put it in the container or just plant it in your large garden.

cold loving plant2

4. Picea Abies “Pusch”
The next adorable cold loving plant which will make your patio looks more beautiful is the picea abies “Pusch”. This plant will be the perfect plant to be put in the container because it needs at about 10 years to reach the mature size, which is 3 up to 4 feet tall and 2 up to 3 feet wide.

cold loving plant3

The Redtwig Dogwood, Goldthread Cypress, Hens and Chicks, Picea Abies “Pusch” are four examples of the cold loving plants which can be grown both in your patio or garden. So guys, among those four plants which cold loving plant that you will grow first?


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