Colors for Summer to Brighten Up Your Living

If you want to brighten up your house, then you have to apply the colors for summer for your lovely living. There are several kinds of the colors for summer which will look great if it is used for any house style. Then if you still do not have any idea related to which colors for summer that is suited for your house, here we are going to mention several colors for summer which can be your references.

1. The lovely sunny yellow
The sunny yellow belongs to one of the colors for summer that can be the alternative to be put for your room’s backdrop. This color will be great when it is placed in the living room, family room, kitchen, and even the bathroom because the sunny yellow is able to make certain room feels warmer and friendlier.

Colors for summer

2. The distinctive lime green
Another example of the best colors for summer is the lime green. This color would be the best choice if you want to make your tropical house style feels so fresh. If you are about to combine this bold color with some other colors, please make sure that you choose the neutral color such as white or black.

Colors for summer1

3. The soft egg blue
The egg blue is also one of the best colors for summer which you can put in your adorable living. This color will remind you to be beauty of the summer sky and the warm sea which will make you feel so happy. Besides, when you put the egg blue in your bedroom or living room, it will give the soothing effect for everyone.

Colors for summer2

Colors for summer3

4. The exotic coral
Our last example of the perfect colors for summer is the coral. This color once became so popular to be placed in the beachside house. However, nowadays people use the coral to paint any of their house style in order to make the living looks friendlier. Coral will also turn your outdoor and indoor space looks hotter.

Colors for summer4

The lovely sunny yellow, the distinctive lime green, the soft egg blue, and the exotic coral are several examples of the colors for summer which can be applied for your house. As mentioned before that using those colors for summer will successfully transform your boring and dull living looks brighter and more attractive.


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