Four DIY Rug Ideas

Doing some DIY rug projects could be very fun if you want to give a different touch at every room in your house. Making the DIY rug is actually not so difficult for everyone. All you have to do is just making the basic DIY concept and finding the materials. However, although you do not have any idea about the DIY rug, you can find some examples of DIY rug ideas which can be the reference. Then here are some examples of DIY rug ideas for your references.

1. Patchwork rug
The first DIY rug project will be the patchwork rug. The patchwork rug perhaps will be the cheapest DIY rug project because you can make it by using the carpet samples that can be found at any stores. You can buy several carpet samples with the different color and pattern and bind them by using the hot glue or you can sew them.

DIY rug2

2. Cutting rug
If at the first DIY rug project you have to bind some carpet samples, while for this DIY rug project you can cut your old rug. Instead of buying the new rug to be placed in your house, you can just cut your rug into any shape that you like. Do not forget to make the sketch before cutting your rug by using knife or scissor.

DIY rug1

3. Painted rug
Another way to remodel your old rug is by painting it. The painted rug is also the simple way to make the DIY rug by you. All you need are just the rug and the paint. You can choose the paint with the bright color to make the rug looks so eye-catching. You may start painting the rug by using the paint roller after marking the border.



4. Tablecloth rug

Our next DIY rug will be the tablecloth rug. Just same as the name which is the tablecloth rug, here we are going to use the tablecloth to be the rug. You can just choose any tablecloth you want and then start applying the polyurethane on the top of the tablecloth and spraying the adhesive on the bottom of the tablecloth to attach the rug pad.

DIY rug

Those are some DIY rug ideas that probably can be the inspiration for you to make the interior design of your room looks distinctively unique. The patchwork rug, the cutting rug, the painted rug, and the tablecloth rug perhaps are the simplest DIY rug ideas that you can make. Well then, good luck for your own DIY rug project guys.


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