High Ceiling Decoration Ideas

If you are interested in having the Victorian style living, probably you can try the high ceiling decoration ideas. The high ceiling decoration idea is getting more popular today because people also think that this style will successfully make their living looks more outstanding. For you, if you also want to create an outstanding living, here we will give you several examples of the high ceiling decoration ideas which can be your references.

1. Add the beam
Our first example of the high ceiling decoration ideas is by adding the wooden beam in order to bring the better proportions in the room. Many people really love this idea because the wooden beam will make their space looks more modern and sleek. You can also put the unique decoration to the beam so that it will look lovelier.

high ceiling decoration

2. Go vertical
Probably most of you know that the high ceiling decoration is identical to the vertical arrangement. If you love reading, then this idea would be the best idea which should be tried. You can find the tall display bookshelf to put all your favorite books. This tall bookshelf can also be a distinctive backdrop in the room.

high ceiling decoration1

3. Put the stand out lighting
The high ceiling decoration will also identical to the lighting fixture which is installed high on the ceiling. Choosing the sparkling chandelier can be one of the alternatives that can be installed. You may out the vintage style chandelier for your classic house style, while the contemporary pendant lamp will look good in your modern house.

high ceiling decoration2

high ceiling decoration3

4. Give the artistic touch
Our last example of the high ceiling decoration ideas will be related to the use of the wall. Instead of letting the wall plain, it will be better if you create a kind of gallery wall where you can put a lot of beautiful art. You can also put a string in this spot where you can hang several pieces of art.

high ceiling decoration4

Adding the wooden beam, having a vertical decoration, putting the stunning lighting fixture, and giving the artistic touch are four examples of the high ceiling decoration ideas which can be applied in your lovely living. Well then guys, fell free if you want to share any other examples of the high ceiling decoration ideas here.


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