Kitchen Cabinet Alternatives

If you have so many things to be organized in your kitchen and you do not want to add some numbers of kitchen cabinet, perhaps you may try some kitchen cabinet alternatives. There are several kitchen cabinet alternatives that you can have which will help you organize everything without adding the number of kitchen cabinets. Below we will mention the kitchen cabinet alternatives that can be your references.

1. Sliding door pantry

The first example of the kitchen cabinet alternatives which you can try is the sliding pantry. You can use the sliding door for your open shelving area in order to get rid from the kitchen chaos. Instead of buying the new sliding door, you can do the DIY project to turn your old barn-style door into the new pantry sliding door.

Kitchen cabinet alternatives

2. Shelves with basket
Another example of the kitchen cabinet alternatives that you may also try is the shelves with basket idea. Here, you do not need to buy the new kitchen cabinet because you can just make your own DIY shelves project. After you are ready with shelves, you can put tour food hidden in some baskets that will be put on the shelves.

Kitchen cabinet alternatives1

Kitchen cabinet alternatives2

3. Antique hutch

If you do not have much time to make those two kitchen cabinet alternatives, then you can try to use your old hutch to replace the use of kitchen cabinet. You can use your antique hutch to store any of your kitchen appliances in a simple way. The antique hutch can also create the airier look in your lovely kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet alternatives3

4. Vintage lockers
The vintage lockers can also be one of the kitchen cabinet alternatives that you can have. Most people love to have this kind of industrial-style storage in order to keep the snacks out of their children’s hand because all they need to do is lock it up. It seems that your old-school stuff can be so helpful, doesn’t it?

Kitchen cabinet alternatives4

The sliding door pantry, shelves with basket, antique hutch, and the vintage lockers are four kitchen cabinet alternatives which you can have in order to make your kitchen looks tidier without adding several new kitchen cabinets. Well guys, among those kitchen cabinet alternatives which one that you like the most?


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