The Lovely Plants for Bathroom

If you want to make your bathroom looks more fresh and green, then you can try to put some plants for bathroom. There are various kinds of the plants for bathroom which can help you beautifying this private space. Among numerous examples of the plants for bathroom, here we already classified four kinds of the best plants for bathroom which can also be put in your own lovely bathroom.

1. The ferns
Our first example of the best plants for bathroom is the ferns. Most people love to have this kind of plant for the indoor decoration because fern still can grow beautifully in a low light place. If you want to put the ferns in your bathroom, you may just mount it in a frame that can make this private space looks more unique.

plants for bathroom

2. The bamboo
Bamboo belongs to one of the plants for bathroom which can be seen in almost all Asian style bathrooms. The lovely color of bamboo will help you making your ordinary bathroom looks even more outstanding. Putting the bamboo in the bathroom also becomes the great idea since this plant needs a lot of water to survive.

plants for bathroom1

3. The monstera

The next example of the best plants for bathroom is the monstera. The monstera which is originated from the Central America and Mexico will help you creating the spa like atmosphere in your bathroom. Combining the monstera with another natural material such as wood will successfully turn your usual bathroom into the eco-friendly bathroom.

plants for bathroom2

plants for bathroom3

4. The ivy
Ivy belongs to one of the best plants to be put inside the house. Ivy can also be the perfect plants for bathroom that you may have. This lovely plant would be the best option if you want to make your private bathroom looks both feminine and soft. In addition, you may also combine this ivy with some other plants for the perfect green bathroom look.

plants for bathroom4

The ferns, bamboo, monstera, and ivy are four examples of the best plants for bathroom which you can have. Putting the plants in the bathroom could be the perfect alternative that can be done in order to make this space feels more refreshing and relaxing. So, among those four plants for bathroom, which one that you like the most?


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