The Natural Ways to Kill the Weeds

Some people are questioning about how to kill the weeds naturally. It is because we really need to kill the weeds in order to make our garden looks perfectly stunning. Actually there are several ways that can be used to kill the weeds. Then, here are some natural ways that you can use to kill the weeds in your lovely garden.

1. By hand
The easiest way to kill the weeds will be by using hands. It is probably the most conventional way, yet it gives the best result at last. Do not forget to use your gardening gloves if you want to kill the weeds by using your hand. In addition, sharp trowel may also help you in pulling the weed root.

kill the weeds

2. Mulch
The next way that can be applied to kill the weeds is by mulching the soil. If you are mulching the soil, it can keep the weed seeds from having the contact with the soil. In addition, the mulch will keep the sunlight from getting in the seeds which have already underground. Using the decaying leaves can be the best mulch.

kill the weeds2

kill the weeds1

3. Newspaper
Reusing the old newspaper to cover the soil can also be the simplest way to kill the weeds. Putting the thick layer of the newspaper can keep the sunlight from rolling in the weed seeds. If you want to use this method, you should wet the soil first before putting the newspaper down. This method can also attract the earth worms to stay.


4. Salt
I am sure that you have the salt in your kitchen. So then, you can actually use it to kill the weeds that grow in your adorable garden. You just need to spread the salt at the base of the plant. Then, please be sure that you apply the small amount of salt at the right spot.


Those are four examples of the natural method to kill the weeds which have already made your garden look so dull. You may choose the conventional way by using the hands to pull out the weeds or you can just mulch the soil with the decaying leaves or newspaper or you may just spread the salt on the soil. Well then, have a good luck to kill the weeds!


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